Our Music curriculum aims to encourage all pupils to actively participate in musical activities and to listen to music with interest and enthusiasm. We aim to promote confidence and enjoyment in performance.

We believe in offering a broad and balanced curriculum, catering for all abilities and needs. Music is a unique form of communication and is able to influence the way in which we feel, think and behave. Music combines feeling and expression thus enabling reflection and personal development.

As an integral part of culture, past and present, music assists pupils in understanding themselves and the way in which they relate to others. We believe that the teaching of Music develops pupils' listening and appraising skills and their appreciation of music worldwide. Active involvement in music making broadens social skills and helps to build confidence. Research has repeatedly shown that musical activity stimulates the cooperation of both parts of the brain which in turn can lead to improved performance in other subject area.

Music lessons take place weekly in our individual classrooms, where our teachers use and adapt the 'Charanga Musical School', an online platform that introduces the children to a range of different genres of music. 'Charanga Musical School' provides children with the opportunity to listen and appraise different pieces of music, sing, perform and compose pieces of music and explore different genres and composers. This compliments the 2014 National Curriculum guidelines.

Furthermore, in our lessons we embrace children singing as an important part of our music teaching. In class, vocal music includes hymns and songs to be performed in assemblies, class music assemblies, musical productions, concerts and other occasions for example the Carol Service.

In addition, instrumental performances are also a feature of class music. Children are encouraged to perform as soloists, either in preparation for a performance in a music assembly, exam or because they would like to perform a piece to their class. Children are also encouraged to play in instrumental ensembles. In addition to the above, Year 4, 5 and 6 participate in a 45-minute weekly ukulele lesson taught by a specialist music teacher.

When assessing children's learning in music we use our 'Music Progression of Skills' and 'Target Tracker' to help judge the children's individual attainments.

We have access to Waltham's Village Hall, where there is plenty of space for the music and movement sessions, such as Dance and additional workshops. The hall also has a small performance stage, which is used for our music concerts and termly productions.

Every year we hold a whole school Music concert, where those who learn an individual musical instrument have the opportunity to perform to their parents. The whole year also perform at least two songs, usually with percussion instruments. We also have termly Music Assemblies, where each class performs to the whole school the piece of music they have been learning.

Many children learn to play a musical instrument at school with a specialist music teacher and are able to choose from a wide variety of instruments, such as piano, singing, clarinet, flute and guitar. The children are encouraged to learn an instrument that is best suited to them and are given a trial lesson by a peripatetic music teacher beforehand. The lessons are 25 minutes duration.

Once a week there is a 'Singing Assembly', which is taken by the Music Coordinator, during which the children practise hymns for special events and our Friday Special Assembly.

Towards the end of the Autumn and Summer term, there is a Christmas Production and Summer Show, which involves all the children from Reception upwards. These take place at the parish church of St Mary Magdalene or the Village Hall, and there are usually two performances.

Throughout the year we will be updating this page with photos of all the fantastic musical things we get up to. However, please see the photos below that show the past music activities that we have been involved in. There is also some useful links below to our school's music policy and the progression of music skills that we use to judge our children's attainment.

Performing at the Melton Light Switch on.
Whole school singing our Charter Fair Chant at Waltham-on-the-Wolds village Charter Fair.

Oak Class using their bodies to find the pitch and rhythm of a piece of music.
Performing at the Vale Choir with over 200 voices.

School Choir performing at the Christmas village fete.
Mrs Donnelly our piano, singing and violin teacher.

Our guitar teacher, Mr Leszczynski performing with the children.
All the soloists from our Waltham-on-the-Wolds Music Concert.