Dinner Menus

Healthy School award

Waltham Primary School works with Leicestershire School Food Support to provide good value, nutritionally based school meals.

Our school meals are freshly prepared daily at Swallowdale School and brought to Waltham by courier in special insulated containers. Our staff are fully trained in handling and serving food safely and at the correct temperatures.

As a healthy school we actively encourage good quality nutrition and children have a variety of choices of vegetables, salad and fruit each day.

  • Dinners cost £2.25 per day (£11.25 a week) for Key Stage 2 children.
  • Parents may also apply for free school meals for their child – please contact the school office for further details.
  • Dinners are free for all children in Reception and Key Stage 1 as of September 2014.

Dinner money needs to be paid every Monday. Payments should be made via schoolmoney by logging in to your account online.

We also encourage healthy choices for children bringing packed lunches from home. Packed lunches need to include:

  • Something substantial (such as a sandwich, a wrap or some pasta).
  • Some vegetables or fresh fruit.
  • A yogurt or healthy dessert.
  • A drink (water or fruit juice).
  • As a Healthy school, we advise against sending sweets.

Please contact the school for more advice or information if required. School dinners are served daily in the main school building where children eat together to enjoy both school meals and packed lunches.

Our Current Menus

Our school offers a multiple-choice menu which rotates every three weeks. Here are our current menus:

Food Allergies or Intolerances: If you would like more information on your food or drink choice, please speak to a member of staff before ordering.

Happy Lunchtimes

We love sitting around the table to have our lunch.
Mrs Burrows and Mrs Fegan serve our lunch every day.

We even have proper table cloths!
We have special trays so that we can carry our lunch to our table.

A delicious roast dinner!
Mrs Burrows and Mrs Fegan are always there to help.