Oak Class

Welcome to Oak Class.

Welcome to Oak Class! We are made up of Year 2 and Year 3 children.

In our class, we strive to give children endless opportunities to develop their knowledge through fun, creative and inspiring activities which build upon their previous learning and stretch them to challenge themselves. We aim to develop our children’s independence and opinions so that they feel confident in all aspects of their learning!

The way we do this is by celebrating our children’s unique skills and opinions and offering them creative outlets to explore these further in their learning.

Project Based Learning

So far this term, we have explored changes in ourselves and the world around us. We have looked at different adjectives and adverbs to describe Autumn leaves. We have also explored Autumnal changes in leaves through still life drawings with colour and pencil and making them lifelike through different shading techniques we have learnt. At Waltham Primary School, we are lucky enough to have a garden and wooded area within our school grounds. We have enjoyed exploring different micro-habitats in the woods.

When visiting Oak class, expect to find children immersed in our creative and imaginative curriculum!

Our Learning

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