Assemblies and Collective Worship

Our Year 6 Leavers say farewell.

Collective worship involves all members of our school coming together and participating in an assembly or quiet moment of reflection to celebrate life and to show reverence to God. Everyone takes an active part in worship time; although parents do have a right to withdraw their child from participation should they choose to do so.

Every day we schedule quiet moments for prayer; we have a special school prayer, a lunchtime prayer and a home time prayer which the children learn. We have daily assemblies led by staff, children and special visitors and the leaders will invite everyone to join them in quiet moments of reflection too. Children are particularly keen to say a spontaneous prayer at the end of the assembly. We light a candle and dim the lights which help to create a spiritual ambience which parents and governors enjoy too. We sing Hymn's and reflect on our lives, to show our thankfulness towards God.

We use the Diocesan Collective Worship themes, which are adapted for our children and the posters we create are displayed in all rooms to reinforce the key messages of the assemblies.

Most of our assemblies are held in Oak Room but sometimes we go down to the church for services and sometimes they are held alfresco! We also visit different places of worship, such as the Hindu and Sikh temples in Leicester and the Baptist Church in Hose; these help us to understand how other faiths worship.

Messy Fiesta

Our Messy Fiestas always start with Collective Worship and are linked to the Christian Values such as Forgiveness, Love and Trust. The whole school mix up in to family groups and present different pieces of work to one another at the end of the Fiesta; parents and grandparents usually come to lend a hand and join in too. This links with Messy Church and is very popular.

Hymn Practice

Time to learn Hymns (which are another form of worship) and discuss their meaning, is built in to our weekly schedule. Everyone looks forward to Mr Jackson's singing demos!

Assembly Leaders

Older children plan, prepare and lead an assembly each week. They enjoy making PowerPoints, choosing the Hymn and hold quizzes to support their evaluation. They are always keen to know what others think of their work! They encourage children of all ages to get involved with role play and have lots of fun dressing them up or encouraging them to make up dialogue. They write or say their own prayers and always have a story or reading from the Bible. These assemblies are very memorable and everyone looks forward to them.

Special Assemblies

The Governor's Trophy is presented by Rev Beverley.

Every Friday afternoon parents, families and friends are invited to attend our special assembly held in the Key Stage 2 rooms. We sing songs, say prayers together and celebrate the achievements of the children.

Merit Certificate - awarded to children working hard in lessons and producing good work.

Hand of Friendship Certificate - awarded to children (sometimes staff and parents too!) for doing something really special to help or showing an act of kindness without being prompted.

Endeavour Cup - a special trophy awarded to a child who has received both a merit and hand of Friendship certificate on the same day.

Class of the Week Trophy - the Headteacher's decision is final! She's always on the look out for good manners, tidiness, hard work and positive attitudes.

Team Point Trophy - all children are in a team and collect points during the week. They are added up on Friday and the winners have their colours attached to the special trophy.

The Waltham Silver Globe - a highly sought after trophy, awarded in recognition of excellent performance in the arts.

Owl Minister's Special Trophy - each new Ministry choose a value that they would like to be acknowledged and celebrated, for example, children have been awarded the trophy for being 'Waltham School's most responsible citizen' and also for 'Friendship shown towards others at playtime' and 'kindness at lunchtimes.'

Special Events Awards - swimming certificates, sports certificates and medals are just some of the extras awarded to children throughout the year.

Open The Book

Every week, a member of the Rector's team visits our school to lead an assembly called Open The Book. They use the Bible as their inspiration and starting point. Themes have included: 'A Special Promise,' 'Joseph the dreamer, prisoner and ruler' and 'The secret baby (Moses).'