Event - Nottingham Castle Trip

7 December 2016

On Wednesday 7th December 2016, Oak and Sycamore Class visited Nottingham Castle as part of our ‘Kings and Queens’ topic, which linked to the National Gallery ‘Take one Picture’ project around the painting of “The Banquet’.

We visited the art gallery, situated within the castle, where the children completed a range of fun activities, such as adding more details to paintings, discussing how characters felt in the paintings and creating their own pieces of art based on a painting. After that, the children had the opportunity to see the original painting of ‘The Banquet’. Here, the children discussed what they had learnt about the painting and then created their own version of it.

After lunch, the children then visited the Robin Hood room, the thread room and the History of Nottingham castle research centre. In these rooms the children took part in a range of role play activities and became fashion designers, using clothes from the past as stimuluses for their designs.

It was the perfect day to round off our topic.

Drawing our own picture.
Looking at the original painting of ‘The Banquet’.

Role-play in the Robin Hood Room.
Drawing ‘the Banquet’ from memory.

Learning together.
A 3D map of Nottingham Castle.

Designing the latest fashion in ‘The Tread Room’.