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William Essex
01 Mar 2018

I love this school. It makes me laugh and learn.

Rating: Excellent

Olivia White
11 Dec 2017

This website is excellent as I get to see all the photos which makes me laugh.

Rating: Excellent

Joff Scarborough
15 Jun 2017

This is a fantastic website, very easy to navigate and full of useful information for parent's. Looks fantastic too. Very well done. And the school is brilliant too, such a friendly school with staff who clearly love what they do and want the very best for their pupils. Thank you all.

Rating: Excellent

Mrs Kaye Triggs
27 Oct 2016

Hello everyone at Waltham school. Darcy has shown me your new website and I think it is fantastic! It's so bright and cheerful, with lots of useful information and great pictures. What a cheeky bunch you look!

Rating: Excellent

Daniel Brown
08 Oct 2016

I love the school tour its incredible. i ike the information about the school. the whole website is absolutely brilliant. I like to sea that the website includes every one in the school.

Rating: Excellent

27 Sep 2016

This website is really useful to see homework timetables. Being a year six I found the links to secondary schools useful.

Rating: Excellent

Oscar Smith
19 Sep 2016

I enjoyed giving a tour of the school and think it looks great!

Rating: Excellent

Adam Wotton
18 Sep 2016

Great I love it. I like finding pictures of me and my friends.

Rating: Excellent

Nicola Wotton
18 Sep 2016

Love the new look. Easy to navigate and the use of lots of pictures bring it to life. The staff portraits are great.

Rating: Excellent

Christine Alexander
17 Sep 2016

Love the new website - especially the staff pictures and the school tour. Very well set out and easy to find out up to date info - reflects all aspects of the school perfectly.

Rating: Excellent