Sycamore Class

Welcome to Sycamore Class.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Sycamore class, where you will meet all our amazing Year 5 and 6 children.

Each new academic year provides opportunities for: growing independence and responsibility, initiative and motivation, freedom and developing self-esteem, self-awareness and knowledge, and of course, lots of fun and laughs. We experience and demonstrate values such as perseverance, tolerance, teamwork and trust so that our class is a happy place to be.

Everyone is highly involved in their learning; we all choose topics of interests to study and agree personal targets together. We have a good understanding of how to move learning forward as we use lots of personal checklists and discuss work together. We love to use the iPads and laptops to support our learning and take responsibility for organising them. We have literacy and maths lessons every day, which often link to our whole school topic and we love our practical science lessons.

We have the opportunity to work with visitors to support our learning further, for example, the DARE programme (Drugs Awareness and Resistance Education) and visiting the Warning Zone in Leicester to understand more about health and safety. We do Bikeability and we are very excited about having Ukulele lessons!

We do lots of music and sports, including swimming lessons for the Year 5 and as we're the oldest children in the school, we get chosen to represent our school in sports tournaments against other schools. We also do all the other subjects too and are very creative, so please look at the curriculum pages to find out more.

As always, if you wish to contact our class teacher, Mrs Garnett, then you will usually find her on the playground at the beginning and end of each day or just phone the office and she will return your call the same day.

Our Learning

Find out what we are learning in Sycamore class:


Listening and learning together.
We learn a lot about British history.

World Book Day.
Making our Flat Stanleys.

When we met the Mayor of Melton.
Making our advent wreaths.