Oak Class

Welcome to Oak Class.

Welcome to Oak Class! This is the Lower Key Stage 2 Year 4 class.

In Oak Class, we strive to build upon children's academic knowledge, through providing children with many opportunities for independent learning and opportunities for a greater depth of understanding. This allows them to develop their own knowledge and opinions. Our aim is for our children to feel confident, creative and supported by adults who have skills beyond the classroom.

This is achieved through celebrating the children’s individuality, with their own unique talents, personality and interests recognised.

When choosing our projects, we centralise the curriculum on each child's learning styles and needs. This creates a child-led, active learning environment that nurtures every child's strengths. This enables the children to feel happy, confident and successful.

Therefore, when visiting Oak class, please expect to find a classroom that is active, creative and imaginative, and one that equips children with the skills they need for the growing digital lifestyle of modern day.

Our Learning

Find out what we are learning in Oak class:


Mathematics area.
Literacy area.

Our daily exercises.
Our Team Points Chart.

Class trophies.
Project-based Learning Display.