Beech Class

Welcome to Waltham-on-the-Wolds and welcome to Beech Class! My name is Mr Jackson and I am delighted to be the class teacher of Reception.

This is a very exciting time for all the children in Beech class, as this is the beginning of their school journey.

In Beech Class, not only do we strive to build upon children’s academic knowledge, through providing them with many opportunities for independent learning, which allows children to develop their own knowledge and opinions, but we also focus on developing the whole child; through creating children who are confident, creative, and have skills beyond the classroom.

This is achieved through celebrating each child as individuals, with their own unique talents, personality and interests all with the support of adults. Hence, when choosing our whole school and class projects, we centralise the curriculum on each child’s learning styles and needs, creating a child-led, active learning environment. This nurtures each child’s strengths, creating children who are happy, confidence and successful.

Moreover, the classroom is set into the curriculum areas to enable the children to follow their interests, as well as achieve their full potentials within the curriculum. Therefore, when visiting Beech Class, please expect to find a classroom that is active, creative and imaginative, and that equips children with the skills and characteristics they need for modern day lifestyle.

Our Learning

Find out what we are learning in Beech class:


Maths area.
Construction area.

Small World area.
Computer and ICT area.

Computer and ICT area.
Sand and Water area.

Reading Garden.
Role Play area.

Arts and Crafts area.
Fine Motor Skills area.

Outdoor area.
Outdoor area.